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Friday 11 October 2013

Running Partnerships

L takes MD out for a morning run again and quickly returns him. I fear that particular running partnership may now be over.

The men arrive to fix our guttering. I just hope I haven’t left the car in their way as I’m on the bus, intending to run later, and they didn’t warn us they were coming today. They intend to clear all the crap out of the existing guttering, so I might have to dig the car out when I get home.
If they had warned us, I could have left the boys out and then they could have kicked a few footballs while they were at it.

It rains quite heavy in the afternoon, so at least they can test it as they’re fixing it. Sadly they’ll be no more lying in bed listening to the water cascading romantically off the roof and down the outside walls. I’ll miss that.

Our first Christmas card arrives today, all the way from Australia. I’m sceptical, perhaps it’s just a late one from last year. If not, it seems that some people still believe cards from abroad are sent by horseback and rowing boat and still take three months to arrive.

(Friday 11th October)

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