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Friday 25 October 2013

Out Of Early Retirement

L and MD bring their running partnership out of early retirement this morning and both seem to enjoy it despite the pouring rain. So much so that Doggo and I wonder where they’ve got to. I hang on a bit longer before leaving for the bus holding Doggo’s paw. He’s sulking at being left behind or perhaps just sulking at being too old for a quick dash around the block, I can sympathise.

Then they appear around the corner, apparently MD had stopped for a chip cob.

His appetite causes me to miss the CityLink again. I get the Red Arrow instead.

In the evening we assist with each other’s injury recover routines. I distract the dogs while L does her hopping. Then she reciprocates with a roll with the foam roller.

The calf is actually a bit better today, perhaps last night’s wine helped. We'll apply the same tactics tonight.

(Friday 25th October)

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