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Thursday 31 October 2013

Coming Up Trumps

L runs with MD again this morning and they both seem to enjoy it, both returning home with their tongues trailing out the side of their months, well sort of.

At lunch, for once the pub seems to come up trumps with the food. They seem to have not one, not two but three people working in the kitchen today. Wow. Consequently lunch is delivered much faster and it's also much bigger, we can barely drag our bellies back to work for the afternoon.

I attempt to work some of that off as I cycle home on my wonky bike, pedalling wildly in low gear only. That may have been a good warm up for squash though, as opponent is seriously worried as I take a 2-0 lead. He still wins of course but it is moments like that that I live for.

Then we stay in the pub to avoid the trick or treaters who no doubt will be out in force prowling the streets but at least they should all be in bed by 9pm.

(Thursday 31st October)

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