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Wednesday 2 October 2013

A Big Box And A New Set Of Wheels

I spend a third day in a row in the car due to various circumstances. Today’s are some pretty torrential rain, that makes my plan of getting the bus to work and then riding L’s new bike home not really viable. I don’t want to get soaked on the way to work and don’t really want to get her new set of wheels dirty either.

Around lunch time I’m told there’s a big box for me and no the receptionist isn’t going to be carrying it upstairs to my office for me. That must be L’s bike then.

It is rather nice, I hope she likes it. She’ll have to stick a thank you note on the drainpipe at work, where her old one was last seen.

We’ve even ordered it with clip-in pedals. L has been advised that they wouldn't have pinched her old bike if it had had stumps instead of pedals because they wouldn't have been able to ride away on it.

It goes home in the car where I put the pedals on it before heading off to dog training.

(Wednesday 2nd October)

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