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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Leap Of Faith

L has her second swim of the festive season, or 2 of 12 as it’s known. I bring my planned cycle forward from Thursday because of the predicted 60 mph winds due then. I’m taking a bit of a leap of faith in expecting the weather forecast to be correct but you never know. Tonight’s swim, or 1 of 1 as it’s known, can be done later in the week.

I ask L when she’ll be embarking on the '12 Cycles of Christmas'. I’ve now done 1 of 12 or maybe it’s 2 of 12 as I'm not sure if there and back counts as one or two. Although actually it’s only one and a half as I had a puncture coming through the suspension test track in Stapleford, it’s actually the main road but you get the gist. 

My rear tyre is so thin that it offers little protection against such terrain. I opt to limp the bike home, with a mix of walking and gentle riding, rather than change the tube because then I’d simply ride on it again as it is next time. Whereas what I really need to do is to swap the whole rear wheel for the one I took off my best bike and also to put a brand new tyre on it, which I also have.

This I do when I get home.

(Tuesday 3rd December)

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