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Friday, 13 December 2013

Lakeland Essentials

Today is my fourth day in the car this week. Yikes. Today though I have a good reason, we’re off to the Lakes tonight where I might, or might not, run in Saturday’s traditional pre-Christmas 10k race.

After squash last night I can barely walk this morning and no, it’s not the injury, it’s just stiff legs that haven’t been used enough recently.

After work I head home to collect L and the dogs, pack up the Lakeland essentials e.g. mulled wine and we head off up the M6, which is blissfully quiet for once. Well, as quiet as it gets outside of 3am in the morning.

We arrive at Langdale and at first we think the campsite is closed. We appear to be the only tent on it. Yes it’s December but usually there’s still around thirty tents pitched. The curse of Friday the 13th perhaps?

Then we see the weather forecast which predicts extreme gales but they’re due tomorrow, so we’ll worry about them tomorrow then and anyway everything will look a lot rosier after a few Old Peculiars. We head off to the bar at Old Dungeon Ghyll. 

(Friday 13th December)

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