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Thursday, 12 December 2013

New Tactics Or Lack Of Them

I give squash a go... despite the knee. I’m not expecting to win any games as I don't intend using my usual charging around aimlessly tactic. Perhaps I'll do better without it, although that is a big part of my game, the only part really.

L runs to squash. So I take the dogs in the car including the one she isn’t speaking to. In fact she requests that I tie him to a lamp post somewhere and (maybe) collect him later (if I really want to). Somebody has chewed her buff. It wasn't me and I doubt very much whether it was MD, that’s not his style. Muddy paws, twigs and leaves all over the new carpet etc. That's his style, not chewing. Doggo isn’t popular at the moment.

I survive squash.

(Thursday 12th December)

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