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Saturday, 28 December 2013

I Don’t Know How That Happened

I’m at an indoor dog show today and the morning goes pretty much as you’d expect e.g. MD gets eliminated and Doggo nonchalantly clocks a perfect clear. So everything normal.

Meanwhile L is at home sorting out her life aka her books. She reports that she has 120 unread books with one box still to go through and 44 on her Kindle. I don’t know how that happened she says. I do. The firing squad is booked for later. No blindfold.

Things get better slowly during the afternoon at the dog show. MD improves to a five faults and then we pull off a really really ugly clear round, which lands us a rosette for 7th. Then he does the most amazing run in the Jumping Cup Qualifier, clear and pretty fast. I don’t know how that happened.

With Doggo slotting in another fab clear we’re all done by 3pm but now we’re hanging on for the results of the Jumping Cup. It was the Jumping Cup we qualified for last year and came 6th in the final.

Clearly that particular event must agree with him because when all the dogs have run MD is top of the pile and we’ve won by half a second. I still don’t know how that happened. I guess we’ll be on speaking terms tonight, for once.

Unfortunately this still doesn’t promote us. He needs three jumping wins and that’s his second, two and half years after the first one.

Then it continues raining rosettes as Doggo gets one for 5th in the Old Gits Agility. We head home, that is once I’ve managed to get MD’s head into the car.

Back home it’s time for Daughter to head back to Sheffield. I can’t believe she’s been home a week. All four of us accompany her to the station. Then we stay in, we’ve given the pubs enough trade this Christmas already.

(Saturday 28th December)

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