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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Favourite Films Of 2013

My first part of my review of the year, the best films I've seen in the past year.

10. Django Unchained

A good film but it’s not one of Tarantino's cleverest and it’s a little too long. .

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9. Good Vibrations

The script could be pacier and there’s no real plot, it is more a montage of the key moments in Terri Hooleys life but its informative and at times humorous.

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8. The Paperboy

An interesting film, which you are never totally sure where it’s headed but it all seemed to make sense when it finally got there via a rather ramshackle route.

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7. Rush

Successfully recreates 1976 with numerous F1 cars dragged out of retirement and the attention to detail is impressive. All of which successfully transported me back in time to when I was nine years old.

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6. Safety Not Guaranteed

A film based around an actual classified ad about a chap looking for someone to travel back in time with him.

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5.  The Sessions

Looks a bit low budget at times and doesn't zing along as it perhaps might but it’s very good with plenty of understated humour and never once does it sink into the usual Hollywood sentimentality.

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4. Sightseers

See this and you'll never be able to look a caravaner in the eye again.

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3. Zero Dark Thirty

Riveting film and I’m a total sceptic. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if ten years down the line they say well actually guys it wasn't actually bin Laden we killed... So if this is just sort of the truth, sort of as it is now, then that's fine.

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2. Stoker

People will say there’s a lack of a coherent plot and too many loose ends at the end but I’d simply say they weren't trying hard enough. What's not to understand? and as for loose ends, what loose ends? There aren't any, everyone's dead.

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1. Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas will entertain you as much as it will infuriate you but that is no bad thing. Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it.

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