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Monday 30 December 2013

Favourite Albums Of 2013

This is the third part of my review of the year, the albums I've been buying this year.

Last year I said I thought this list was getting redundant. Lot of bands weren't even bothering with albums. Some that were, just has them on download. I didn't even do a top ten. Not so this year.

Here it is.

10. The Brightest Light - The Mission

My 80's Goth friends make a come back and shock horror, it's not bad at all.

9. mbv - My Bloody Valentine

Ditto. 80's 'showgazers' make a come back and shock horror, it's also pretty good.

8. Tape Deck Heart - Frank Turner

Perhaps not one of Frank's bests and not particularly instant either but still very enjoyable.

7. 180 - Palma Violets

A decent debut that I feel was rushed out a little too soon. Good but probably not as good as it could have been.

6. Pedestrian Verse - Frightened Rabbit

A polished effort from FR but perhaps with a bit too much polish.

5. Trouble Will Find Me - The National

Just how do you follow albums as good as Alligator, Boxer and High Violet? Trouble Will Find Me is good but sadly not that good.

4. Silence Yourself - Savages

A raw bone rattling debut album with more than a nod to Siouxsie and the Banshees. Exactly what my CD player needed.

3. No Blues - Los Campesinos!

I am totally biased about Los Campesinos!. Can't wait to hear this stuff live.

2. AM - Arctic Monkeys

Each Arctic Monkeys album has been very different, yet they all seem to make my top tens for some reason..

1. Dress Up - The Spook School

Find of the year, well of last year actually but they've only just got around to making an album.A wonderful collection of vibrant indie pop of the sort I thought nobody was making any more. Clearly everyone else is over complicating things.

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