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Thursday 5 December 2013

Some Things Just Have To Be Done

The knee is improving, slowly, at least it's a lot better than it was. All the same I postpone tonight’s squash game. That'll shock L.

I was also well vindicated in bringing forward cycling from today because it’s bloody windy. When we go to the pub at lunchtime it’s a struggle, we can barely stand up in the street. Yet somehow we get there, some things just have to be done.

L seems to think that means I won’t want to meet her for a quickie in the Navigation after she’s done her Sweatshop run. Pint + pool water + pint = a lot of fluid sloshing around but it’s not much different to consuming lots of sports drink.

It’s a bit of rush, heading to DFS to collect the lamp table I’ve ordered then home to collect the dogs who I haven't ordered but I think they might like to come swimming with me. Clearly they have to stay in the car as I do my swim and then we head to the pub. Although I fear that L might be now dipping out of the pub because it’s been raining quite heavily, so she’d probably be soaked after her run but no, she vows to give it a go. Some things just have to be done I guess.

(Thursday 5th December)

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