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Monday, 30 December 2013

Total Bedlam

All these people should not be allowed holiday at the same time, they should have to submit a detailed plan of what they intend to do on their Christmas break first and then get it approved by the rest of us before they are allowed to have extended time off.

I say this because as I head to Sainsbury’s, as I do every Monday lunchtime, it’s still total bedlam on the retail park. I’m sure people are just driving round aimlessly because they are bored. The two shops I go in, Sainsbury’s and Homebase, are both no more busy than usual yet the car parks and roads are chocka. Perhaps they’ve been stuck there since Friday, who knows. Please everyone, just hurry up and s*d off back to work so that we can get back to normal.

My diary for the months ahead looks very bleak. I intend taking the majority, if not all, of January off running so there are no runs in my diary but also no dog shows, no gigs, no sportives, not even an open water swim just a few football matches. L says look on the bright side as this leaves more time to practice my swimming. Oh the joy. Although that is actually how I spend half an hour this evening, in the pool.
I do tentatively pencil in the Alsager 5 in my diary on Sunday 2nd February as an appropriate place to make my running comeback. L describes it as 'that desolate thing we did last year with the crap t-shirt' but this is how low I have sunk. 

(Monday 30th December)

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