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Saturday, 7 December 2013


L dabbles with the idea of a park run but not too seriously. I have to do an early park ‘walk’ anyway as Derby have bagged a 12:15am kick off today. Cheers Sky.

It’s worth it though. Despite going 1-0 down early on to Blackpool, Derby turn in another excellent performance and are runaway 5-1 winners two penalties and two sending offs later.

In the evening, L and I head into Nottingham but arrive a bit too late at Broadway to order food before our film but do anyway. Sometimes they’re really quick. Tonight of course they’re not. I bolt mine down whilst L takes hers in with her. Consequently we miss the first few minutes of the film.

Jeune et Jolie (Young and Beautiful) is divided into four parts, one for every season. In the first part, summer, we are introduced to Isabelle (Marine Vacth), a seemingly insular teenage girl.

On the eve of her seventeenth birthday and whilst on a family holiday, she goes out determined to sate her curiosity about sex and does so, on the beach, with a German lad.

She gets the job done in the most matter-of-factly way you can imagine and then moves on. She is clearly underwhelmed by the whole experience but this doesn’t seem to dispel her curiosity.

When the season changes into autumn, we learn that after being offered some extra money pocket by an older man, she not only took him up on his offer but has now set herself up with her own website et al and is now moonlighting as a fully fledged internet era call girl called Lea. I'd love to know how she took those fancy website photos of herself without help.

Now whilst still living under her parents' roof and in between attending lectures at college, she is meeting clients in hotel rooms and relieving them of €300, €400, €500 at a time, as often as she can.

All the men seem to know she's lying about her age, purporting to be 20 years old, and she goes about her new hobby with the same indifference that she did when handing her virginity to the German lad but her phone keeps pinging with a flood of messages, so it’s clearly very marketable. Which is probably why the price keeps going up.

Then in winter everything goes wrong. Amongst her plethora of ‘Johns’, there is one man who actually seems to care a bit about her as a person. Unfortunately she proves too much for his heart which expires when he uncharacteristically asks her to get on top of him. Perhaps that was the way he wanted to go. 

The security cameras at the hotel have her recorded, so soon Isabelle's double life comes to the attention of the police, and ultimately her parents. Her mother, of course, isn’t terribly impressed and struggles to understand her daughter's choice of part time job. So she sends her for therapy. 

In the spring, Isabelle is trying to pick up her life as a student and to have a relationship but is finding it difficult to erase the past.

The film doesn't judge Isabelle nor attempt to explain her actions. She didn’t need the money but perhaps she wanted simply to be desired or perhaps she was just bored and wanted to do something a bit risqué. A better choice surely than drugs, alcohol or going down her mother's route of having an affair.

Rest assured, Isabelle remains a conundrum aka a teenager right to the end.

Afterwards we head to the Falcon Inn where their Christmas Ale, Holly Green, is on but disappointing. The Tuck is in good shape though.
(Saturday 7th December)

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