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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Basking In The Glory

In light of yesterday's victory for MD at the dog show I decide to not enter him in any more shows for a while, so then we can bask in the glory for a lot longer.

L’s unread book count has now topped 170 plus the 40+ on her kindle. They are all now on shelves awaiting reading. If she halves that total my next December perhaps she’ll be allowed to put a book on next year’s Christmas list.

Later I pick her up from John Carroll Leisure Centre even though she’s at the Tennis Centre. Damn wrong way. I knew I’d do that.

Then we meet my brother and his family for a late lunch at his house and then at the White Hart in Duffield where he now lives.

We drop in at L’s parents on the way home, collecting more presents, this time sent up by L’s sister. I get even more bottles of beer, so I’m very well stocked now. It’ll be a trawl to get through it but I’m sure I’ll cope.

(Sunday 29th December)

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