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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Two Birds One Night

On the bike today in the fog. Although it wasn’t actually that bad and seemed worse around Nottingham, well I didn’t really notice any after that, perhaps I was too fast for it.

After all the ’12 of’ challenges L's first challenge of 2014 will be... ta da. She’s giving up chic lit for a year... is that all you cry! Actually no, she’s going to read her way around the world. Starting, I think, with Poland. Don’t they have chic lit in Poland? I bet they do.

I stupidly ask if she has a small wish list of books for Christmas and promptly get a list of five with promised access to around another thirty on her Amazon wish list. The five actually cover the word short admirably, so no need for more and we have to think of the already dangerously leaning book pile.

In the evening L goes visiting friends and family via bus. It’s a busy schedule, trying to kill two birds with one stone in one night. I pick her up later after dog class.

(Wednesday 11th December)

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