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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Left Leg Forward

I cycle to work in pleasant weather which shows no signs of what’s to come later. That’s bike 8 of 8... I simply can’t see me getting anymore in before Santa Day. Meanwhile L completes swim 10 of 12, gym 5 of 12 and sleeve 1 of 2 on the knitting front.

By the time I head for my physio session at lunchtime, a deep tissue leg massage, it’s howling a gale.

The massage proves to be very relaxing and I almost nodded off, which wasn’t quite what I wanted. Things got a bit less relaxing when she stopped messing around with my thighs and got down and dirty with my calves, where she discovered the knot. Which she was very impressed with and she concentrated on that for the rest of the session.

It does feel much better afterwards. Although she did reaffirm my own opinion that I may now have reached a point (or an age perhaps) where that Olympic gold medal is no longer within my reach.

She also left me with the thought that my right leg is much more muscled than my left and I must be favouring it. Rubbish I thought. That is until I pedalled home and realised that my right leg was doing all the work. So I quickly put a stop to that and pedalled the rest of the way left leggedly.

It’s still windy as I cycle but the rain doesn’t start until I head to dog class later, where the rain is coming down sideways and the car park is underwater. As some sort of compensation, perhaps, somebody fuddles a load of chocolates into my pocket. Somebody else on a diet.
(Wednesday 18th December)

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