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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Challenges

I drive into work and then to the pool afterwards. It’s swim night.

L laments ‘these bloody Christmas challenges that are coming thick and fast’. The leisure centre now has the 12 gyms, the 12 swims and the 12 fitness classes of Christmas. L has also invented her own 12 runs of Christmas and I’ve mentioned the 12 bikes of Christmas to her... but that’s possibly a non-starter.

Personally, I’ve already got the 12 pints of Christmas done and dusted. I could stop now but would L stop her swimming after just 12? I think not! As for 12 rounds of Christmas nookie... well in hand.

I meet L after my swim and then drop her at her book club’s 'bloody' fuddle. I think I detect a slight lack of enthusiasm there. She goes laden with mini pork pies because she doesn't like them and mini sausages so that the dogs can have the leftovers. Although they are also partial to pork pies... and get plenty of both later.

(Tuesday 10th December)

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