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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Compensation Is Ball Shaped

L heads up to Sheffield today to meet Daughter and to visit a Postgraduate Open Day at Sheffield University. You know, the 'other' Uni in Sheffield. I have to dip out having burned off all my annual holiday allowance. It’s a shame because on paper the day looks much better organised than the Manchester one.

Doggo looks a bit lost as L departs early for the train and his bottom lip quivers a bit as he climbs on the bed and goes to sleep. MD just shrugs his furry little shoulders and fetches his football, in the hope that compensation might be offered and that it might come ball shaped.

The girls report back that yes, it is better organised than last week. L is particularly impressed with the ample free coffee, whilst Daughter seems impressed with the free Bombay Bad Boys. The talks were good too, although she still seems to favour Manchester.

In the evening Derby play Middlesbrough in a match that is so awful that it didn’t deserve a goal, let alone the three is spawned us. It was the sort of performance that was a regular thing under Nigel Clough, one that he would have come out afterwards and raved about in his post match interview to everyone's bemusement. That would have been after a defeat, which isn’t the case tonight as we did actually win 2-1. Steve McClaren on the other hand comes out and admits to the press ‘yes we were sh*t but we won’.

(Wednesday 4th December)

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