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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Watching Santa Run

Yet another tradition is the Boxing Day run at the Furnace Inn on Darley Park. Whereas L upholds tradition, Doggo and I do not. I sensibly (which is not like me) rest my knee. Doggo is thereby forced to rest all four of his, most likely bringing to an end his participation in this event as he’ll be thirteen by the time next year’s comes around. 

L goes above and beyond the call of duty by running in a Santa dress. She is surprised at the attention this gets her and the box of Matchmakers that she is handed at the finish. She'll now be running all her races dressed as Santa.

The Furnace is so packed that you cannot even see the bar so we move on, with my parents, and have a drink in the Peacock instead. Then we all head back to ours to gnaw on a leg of lamb.

Now I’m not saying Son is a jinx but he goes to watch Derby play at Huddersfield and fails to bring home the points. It’s a draw but after seven straight wins it feels like a defeat.

(Thursday 26th December)

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