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Monday, 23 December 2013

It’s Hell Out There

I'm at work today but I think I’m one of the few. At least it’s easy getting to work as there is little traffic on the roads. As I pass Sainsburys I see why, they’re all in their car park. Unfortunately I intend to visit there later.

Getting there at lunchtime is difficult. In fact it’s hell out there. I sit for ages in a traffic queue which I thought may well have lead all the way to Sainsbury’s itself but in the end turned out to be for Costco. Not sure what’s going on there.

Once I got to Sainsbury’s the shop was fine, not as busy as last week and no checkout queues but then I couldn’t get out of their car park. I would say it’s the worst designed supermarket car park on the planet but unfortunately most are like this. They have their petrol station at the one and only entrance to their car park which means the petrol queue always creates a traffic jam for the shop. Very silly.

After work I head to my parents to do a last minute present exchange with my brother on neutral ground. He likes all his family to have their presents to open on Christmas Day whereas we're not so bothered and like to spread them over the week or so when we see the people we are exchanging gifts with.

When I get home, we open the polypin of Tuck...

(Monday 23rd December)

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