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Thursday 10 November 2016

Battery Acid

Today is my first day on the bike this week and of course it rains. The heavens opened when I was about half way.

Squash is off, so today must be Friday as tomorrow can’t be Friday as we have the East Leake Night Trail and also Daughter is coming to stay.

Talking of the Night Trail, I get the head torches out but only one of them works. The second one has become corroded and nothing I do can seem to get it cleaned up. I look on the internet and they recommend dripping vinegar on the corroded bits to neutralize battery acid. It fizzes away beautifully and then when I’ve dried it out, it works! 

The light is still very faint so I try some more vinegar on the other side of the battery case. More fizzing and... now it doesn’t work at all plus everything smells like we’re in a chip shop.

(Thursday 10th November)

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