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Sunday 27 November 2016

EMA 10k

Today it’s the EMA 10k which is a run around East Midlands Airport which is shut on Sundays at the moment for runway resurfacing. It has proved a popular idea and the race soon filled up. L got in but I didn’t due to my policy of not entering races too far in advance in case I get injured.

Those are the risks but I put a brave face on it as I grab a cup of tea and a bacon roll, thankfully not at usual airport prices, while L disappears off into the Departures Hall to check in at Desk 25. It might be a daft idea running around an airport but it’s also pretty cool.

L is in Wave C (which she refers to as C for Chubbies) which is practically nosebleed territory and well ahead of the back Wave F (F for Fatties). I think it's called self deprecating humour and she's not being un-PC, I hope. She's almost in with the Elites unless they’re in Wave E of course.

Everyone has been told that they're not allowed to publish the route probably something to do with the Official Secrets Act but I think the real reason was probably because it was a bit dull. I’m not sounding bitter am?

It’s mostly on the access roads and around the main car park. The upside is that L passes me four times. It’s just me as we left the boys at home because we knew we’d have to get a undogfriendly shuttle bus in from Jet Parks 1 and 2.

The route could have been better as with 2000 runners the two lap course with the second lap being only 4k as opposed to the 6k first lap means the lead runners easily catch the back of the race and have to swim through the tide. Not good. Everything else though is immaculately organised and the race t-shirt is also rather nice.

The airport have also stated that no photos or videos are to be taken during the race and that airport security marshals will be in place around the route and will take action against anyone who does. Well clearly everyone, spectators and marshals alike, forgot about this as photography was rampant.

Having kept my power dry all morning of course and I can now ignite it in the evening. Hence I have booked an SQT session at the Velodrome. This is the last Sunday night session of the year before we are kicked out while the pantomime takes over and its fully booked. The session has a touch of Christmas Party about it, this is if you can imagine a party for hardened trackies who are a tad peeved about their sessions being cancelled and want to knock lumps out of someone because of it. They even wheel in an especially psycho coach to help take the session.

Although they do need two anyway because due to the panto stage being in the middle of the track you can no longer see across it and they need a coach each side in radio contact to maintain safety.

It is easily the most evil velodrome session I’ve ever done but also equally the best Christmas Party I’ve been to. The new guy introduces something I think he called the Six Day Six but I can’t find anything about on the web. I think it was just pure unadulterated evil that he made up himself but then it wasn’t really out of character with the rest of the session.

L doesn’t quite have to carry me into the Exeter Arms afterwards but it wasn't far off that stage. My ever supportive father joins us. Then I have takeaway curry while L saintly has a Subway salad. 

(Sunday 27th November)

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