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Sunday 20 November 2016

Long Forgotten Sundays

This one of those almost long forgotten Sundays when it’s gone lunchtime before we finally roll out of bed, when I arrive at the Co-Op to get the very last copy of the Sunday paper and when we take the dogs on the park we find just the muddy tracks of the runners left as today’s Mo Run has long since packed up. 

Then we head back to the house for a mid-afternoon Full English Breakfast. After which it’s a rush to take some rubbish to the local tip before it closes a 4pm. By now it’s almost dark and we’ve only just got up.

Tonight would have been perfect for another track session at the Velodrome but it’s not on as the place is being used for the British Taekwondo Championships.  We head there for the gym instead as I am a member and L can get another five day free pass. Sadly the taekwondo is over by the time we arrive, the track is empty and the coach is sat in the foyer working on his laptop. So we could have had a session... but he says he won't do me a one-to-one.

In the end I settle for 20k on the Watt Bike.

(Sunday 20th November)

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