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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Tips For Improvements

On the bike again today, only in drier conditions, and then lunchtime is spent in the Brunswick.

It’s dogging in the evening and then on to the Masons to meet L where tonight’s exciting guest beer is Harvest Pale. Ugh. I think I’ll go with the Bass this week.

It’s always late when I arrive at the pub, around 10:45, but I’m extra late this evening as the A516 is blocked by an accident so I have to do a long detour onto the A38 to get around it. Thankfully the pub is still open when I get there, just.

My trainer films MD’s training runs tonight, I assumed because she was impressed by them but that is not quite the case. She emails me the films along with some tips for improvements. 

(Wednesday 23rd November)

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