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Sunday 13 November 2016

The Fit Young Things And The Fit Old Things

This evening I have a track session booked at the Derby Velodrome. My first for months due to all the running I’ve been doing. There’s little point turning up at the Velodrome post-run and getting wasted by all the fit young things and, for that matter, the fit old things. The Sunday night SQT takes no prisoners.

Ironically now that the running calendar has big holes in it, either due to the races not being there or simply full because there's not enough of them to go around, the Velodrome is winding down for the winter.

Yes, I know track cycling is seen mostly as a winter sport but then so is pantomime and the place will be taken over by Buttons, the fairy Godmother and the Ugly Sisters for most of the season. Yes, Cinderella is going to the ball, in my Velodrome, and we don’t even get tickets. Not that I'd actually want any of course but that's not the point.

Tonight, three riders from the British Cycling Academy join our session, which is quite scary. Fortunately they are all doing the sprint sessions rather than the endurance sessions like me. So thankfully attempting to keep up with them (or somewhere approaching keeping up with them) isn’t my problem.

Daughter comes to watch and I don’t think she was too bored.

Afterwards we go for a couple in the Horse and Jockey. Tonight’s dark one is Black Forest Stout from Abstract Jungle.

(Sunday 13th November)

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