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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Our Friend By The Gate

In a rare moment of warmth towards the deer, L excludes our ‘friend by the gate’ from the list of potential occupants of our dinner plates come the 4th Sunday in December. I think she feels sorry for him being hassled by bloody collies every day. Although I assume he must like being hassled by bloody collies or at least laughing at them otherwise he’d go loiter somewhere else.

According to the BBC ‘Swimming participation in England falls by nearly 24%’ but then as our local pool at John Carroll closes most mornings before L can get there and they never open Nottingham’s 50m pool at a time when I can get there it’s hardly surprising.  

Dogging tonight and a change of beer in the Masons... Directors. Not exciting but at least it’s a change.

(Wednesday 30th November)

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