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Monday 7 November 2016

Each To Their Own

We continue to look for events for Sunday 20th November, the weekend when everything is full. We stumble across the Beacon Trail Half Marathon, which looks interesting until I click on it and it tells me it’s full.

We now have new chic black bathmats in our new chic bathroom.

Dogging is off again, so I head off for a quickie in the gym instead. L is jealous. She’s out tonight but says she’d rather be in a gym than a curry house. Oddly I’d rather be in a curry house than in a gym but there you go. Each to their own.

It’s a hard session. It’s a long time since I’ve been on a Watt Bike and my legs keep reminding me of that fact all the way through my 20k. Luckily the steps go downwards out of the gym back to the changing rooms and crawling down is never as embarrassing as crawling up.

When I’ve recovered, the boys and I go to collect L from her enforced curry house.

(Monday 7th November)

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