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Thursday 24 November 2016

Playing Fast

A third consecutive day on the bike and I’m knackered. So it’s a good job I have a quiet night tonight, only squash...

My opponent still has a cold, not that that makes any difference to the result. L goes off to pump some 'bloody heavy' weights then runs over to us. 

She does her workout to the old iPod I gave her after she accidentally put hers in the recycling. We won’t go there. However she’s bemoaning that 'skips' and plays too fast. Well now apparently she’s discovered a setting that says 'Speed - fast, normal, slow' and it was set to fast. Now it’s set to normal it's a pleasure to listen to. The thing is... what’s the setting for? Why would you want to make our music\audiobook run either too fast or too slow? Naturally L thought it was just a ploy to make her go faster at the gym.

(Thursday 24th November)

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