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Friday 25 November 2016

Repeated Use Of The Delete Button

L forgets her phone this morning. Which is always a bit weird, like having your arm cut off, although it shouldn’t be.

It’s actually not a bad day to be without your phone as mine is simply full of dozens and dozens of Black Friday emails. I’m getting a sore finger from repeated use of the delete button. I wonder who I can sue for personal injury.

I just hope she hasn’t left her phone in the kitchen because the constant pinging of email arrival might keep the boys awake. Then again, somehow I doubt it would.

I’m on the bus today after three hard days cycling but obviously I can’t skip a workout completely so I go for a slightly less hard session on the Watt Bike, just a swift 15k to top the testosterone up for the weekend.

L arranges to walk the dogs up to meet my bus but I don’t get there. With her phone having been left home alone all day pinging away it’s now on charge so she doesn’t get my message telling her the second accident I’ve come across in three days has blocked the A52 at Bramcote. At least one if not two cars are on fire and one of the cars is in two pieces, one each side of the carriageway. Not good at all.

With the hold up looking to go on for some time, I hop off the bus and walk/jog home, only of course for the bus to then pass me. So that ‘slightly less hard’ gym session turns in to an impromptu brick session instead.

(Friday 25th November)

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