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Monday, 28 November 2016

In A Rapidly Freezing Field

I get an email this morning saying Black Friday deals must end Sunday... which is an oxymoron even if it wasn’t now Monday or Cyber Monday as I believe it is known.

Dogging is on. Which seems to please L more than me. I’m the one who has to go stand in a rapidly freezing field while she seems to get excited at the prospect of going wild with the hoover while the house is dog free. She is a girl of simple pleasures.

Which is probably why she’s also excited at the prospect of being all alone in the house with the fresh uncut crusty loaf I’ve just bought.

I enter next year’s ITU World Triathlon in Leeds despite the fact it was such an unmitigated disaster last year. They have promised to do better. L says she’ll support and do her own sprint event around the shops.

(Monday 28th November)

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