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Friday 4 November 2016

Dog Narnia

So the bathroom is now finished but we still can’t really use it due to the blocked drains. I ring around a few people and find someone to come out tomorrow to sort it.

The dogs were a bit confused that they were back in the hall today and a bit miffed too. MD really does like that bed in the front room and Doggo really rather likes the wardrobe. It does look rather nice with his (our) bedding in it. It makes you wonder if there's Dog Narnia at the back of it.

On the bike at last and it was very good, once I remembered what to do. When you have a few days off any pleasurable pursuit its always great fun learning the ropes all over again.

L sends me a link to a new charity calendar from the paddleboarding team at Colwick Lake because we know one of the girls in it. L runs with her occasionally and I met her at the Thunder Run. I vaguely recognise her although she usually has her clothes on.

This reminds me of my own photo shoot, which I’d forgot to tell L about. I will also be featuring in a 2017 calendar. As L correctly surmises there are dogs involved and although MD may be naked, I’m not.

Just as I’m leaving work L messages to say that the new bathroom cupboard is full of water. Ah. 

(Friday 4th November)

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