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Thursday 17 November 2016

'Entertaining' New Cycle Path

The council have redone the pavement and the cycle path along our stretch of the ring road. Unfortunately they have seriously messed up. The new cycle path is not straight and the grass verges jump out at you at the side road junctions forcing you into the path of the pedestrians and down the curb because the dropped curbs are aligned for pedestrians but not for cyclists.

The idea is, I think, is that pedestrians and cyclists share (never a good idea) the same crossing points over the side roads but if they’re sharing the crossing points then there’s not really any point have a dedicated cycle lane on the rest of the path. They might as well make that shared as well.

The other problem is that the crossing points are set so far back from the ring road that motorists cannot see down the cycle path without driving on to it. Nor can they see down the ring road for other cars without doing the same. As I said, a total mess and frankly dangerous too.

I’ve been avoiding it and riding on the actual ring road but it would be much better to have a usable cycle path.

My other problem this morning is the wind but a least it's stopped raining. I just hope its going my way this evening.

My opponent has another cold for squash tonight, not that this seems to slow him down at all and I don’t win a game tonight.

L runs to the pub and meets us there.

(Thursday 17th November)

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