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Friday, 18 November 2016

The Whole Nottingham Caboodle

It’s cold and slightly icy today, so I take the bus.  

It's far too early to mention the C word but my brother does so anyway. He says he’s at his in-laws on the Fourth Sunday in December, so I shall invite my Mum and Dad round to us. L reckons we should be able to sandwich them in between Parkruns. 

Apparently there is a ******mas Eve one at Beeston, a ******mas Day one at Forest Rec, a New Year's Eve one at Rushcliffe and the Gedling-Colwick double header on New Year's Day. So that's the whole Nottingham caboodle in a week. The double header consists of one run at 9am and one at 10am with a bit of 'driving like a maniac' in between.

Now all I have to do is sort out the roast haunch of Wollaton Park deer for said Fourth Sunday.

Today isn’t apparently Black Friday but I am already getting the offers. It is actually next Friday but some companies seem to be running a Black Friday week.

After work I go to the gym at the velodrome for a quick trash on the Watt Bikes. L and the boys then walk up to meet my bus.

(Friday 18th November)

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