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Wednesday 16 November 2016

Time Heals The Deepest Of Wounds

This morning bike ride was almost excellent, if only it hadn’t been for the stiff breeze that I was pedalling into. Apparently it’s all muscle building stuff.

Today’s pub lunch help with my recovery.

We still have no race for this Sunday. It now boils done to a choice of donning fancy dress and wearing a false moustache for the Mo Run on Wollaton Park or travelling over for the Coventry 10K.

The name ‘Coventry 10K’ sounds almost idyllic until you release that the race only cover a very small part of non-central Coventry parkland know as War Memorial Park. Three and a quarter times. We did it around ten years ago and swore never again but time heals the deepest of wounds.

L sounds keen but then she’ll wonder why she let me talk her into it although it actually sounds like she’s trying to talk me into it or perhaps she's trying to talk me into talking her into it.
It’s a tough choice and there is a third option e.g. a Saturday night out in town followed by a lie-in. Which doesn't really compare with 3+ loops of War Memorial Park.

As for tonight, we have a quiet night in that is after L has crawled home from Pump. Then I lock her in the bedroom at her own request to keep her out of the fridge.

(Wednesday 16th November)

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