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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Roger Brown

L and Daughter get the train up to sample the city and the shopping (of course) of Daughter’s chosen university destination of Sheffield but they end up at Meadowhall. That’s girls and sense of direction for you or perhaps that’s just girls and shopping for you.

No such trips for me, I’m back at work and with no emails from L to reply to it, it leaves me time to contemplate Roger Brown’s meaningful relations. One of the latest titbits of A Level revision to appear on the back of the bathroom door.

Roger Brown’s relations, as far as I can tell, were with another man for 42 years and all in secret. Until the chap died and our Roger went on a two year long spree with various younger men, chronicled them all in his memoir and then topped himself. Fascinating. I wonder what it’s got to do with A Levels?

(Tuesday 31st May)

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