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Monday, 22 July 2013

A Royal Baby?

Apparently Kate Middleton is pregnant. I don't know how they’ve kept that quiet but the secrets out now and this weekend The Sunday Times are going to publish ‘A Prince is Born: Royal Baby Souvenir Issue’, a 16-page collectors' edition. I suppose if Wayne Rooney’s life can warrant multiple biographies then I’m sure an unborn baby is entitled to 16 pages.

I take delivery at work of the trophies for this weekend's dog show. All eleven rather heavy boxes of them. I manage to get them all in the car but the boot might be scraping along the floor as I drive home.

After making it home and unloading the car, I head off to training with the boys. Which takes place in rather hot and sticky conditions with towards the end constant rumblings of thunder overhead.

As we drive home, the thunder starts to be accompanied with a rather impressive light show. Doggo is already getting worried and even more so when, just before we get home, the monsoon arrives, leaving us marooned in the car on the drive for a while before I decide to leg it inside.

Unfortunately Doggo decides there’s no way he’s legging it anywhere in such weather and refuses point blank to move, leaving me remonstrating with him and getting wetter and wetter at the same time. Eventually, after a good shove, he’s out and legging it to the front door as well.

(Monday 22nd July)

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