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Friday 26 July 2013

The King Of Insect Bites

The first of three days at our dog show today. Where I am not only competing with both dogs but also assisting in running the whole shebang. Actually a bit more than that really. I’m responsible for the stalls, the sponsors, the health and safety whilst also supposed working on a competition ring and assisting with the first aid.

In the end I opt out of ring duty and hang around the marquee, which is useful actually as our main sponsor hasn’t turned up with the prizes yet and nor have our rosettes. These were due yesterday, now they are scheduled for lunchtime delivery. We tell all our judges that they can’t do any presentation until after lunch.

The ice cream man isn’t happy where he’s been told to park. I move him, someone complains. I move him again, someone else complains. He ends up back where he started.

First aid duty brings an impressively swollen ankle from what appears to be an insect bite. Even I’m impressed and I’m the king of the insect bites. 

Our main sponsor belatedly arrives, drops off the prizes but doesn’t stay due to some family crises. Which is a shame, as she would have brightened the place up no end. She leaves me some banners to do the brightening instead.

Lunch arrives, still no rosettes. So we tell everyone that they’ll be no presentation until late afternoon. Finally at 2pm, the rosettes turn up. Yay.

Competition wise, MD does well but with no clears. Doggo is clear of course.

Afterwards I meet L at the pub in nearby Walton. She gets the bus over, well three buses actually, which takes several hours. I would say the food service in the pub was slow but it wasn’t the food that was slow it was the staff not telling us that what we’d ordered for starters was off, until we went to them to ask where our meal was forty minutes later.

Then we take a bottle of wine back with us to our tent.

(Friday 26th July)

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