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Monday, 8 July 2013

I Wish You Hadn't Taken Me To The Tri...

My arms and shoulders still ache after Saturday’s swim and both my calves seem to be locked in unhelpful mode. I get out the foam roller but it doesn’t seem to improve them much. Doggo sits on me, just in case that helps. It doesn’t.

L keeps saying ‘I wish you hadn't taken me to the tri...’ Sorry.

Sort of inspired myself, in a sort of ‘still alive’ sort of way, I plan our summer holiday. E.g. Isle of Coll half marathon to start the week; Loch Lomond swim to finish it off. I’m sure everyone’s holiday plans are along similar lines.

The Coll Half website was saying ‘race limit 300 – entries so far 298’, so thought I best get in quick. Although the online booking page offered a generous 54 entries still available but I wasn’t risking which one was right.

Now just to book a ferry, don’t tell Doggo he’s got to go on another boat.

In the evening she heads off for a run with Sweatshop, I head off to train the boys. 

(Monday 8th July)

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