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Friday, 19 July 2013

Rest Day

L talks me into a rest day and as the legs still ache from Wednesday’s run, that’s probably a good idea. I do feel a bit lost heading to work with neither my bike nor running shoes and several comments are passed from colleagues.

Part of me thinks I should be thinking of the bigger picture not just Sunday’s half marathon. That said if I don’t survive Sunday in one piece the bigger picture will start looking like a passport photo again.

Over lunch I venture to the JJB shop on Pride Park to see if they have any lightweight running caps in case it’s still mega sunny on Sunday. They do but only in heat absorbing black, which I thought might be a touch counter-productive, so I declined. Actually they did have a pink one in the Ladies’ section, which I also declined.

Thankfully the forecast is for it to be cooler at the weekend and it shouldn’t be too bad at 9.30am surely.

(Friday 19th July)

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