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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Normality Restored

A second day at the dog show and for the second day we’re done by lunch. That is some achievement considering MD had three individuals runs plus a team run while Doggo had one run in the Vets. I also had to coordinate our four teams in the team competition.

It’s better stuff from MD today. He put in a good first agility run but still managed to magic five faults from somewhere as he managed to squeeze between the jump in front of him and my leg even though the gap was less than six inches.

He is clear in his jumping though, so we get a rosette for that. It wasn’t fast but 17th out of 198 isn’t too bad. His team run was shocker however but no worse than anyone else's, on a day when all four dogs in our A Team got eliminated.

Some normality is restored though and Doggo is back on the clear rounds.

Although it would have been nice to have supported our smaller dogs in their teams, I’ve really had enough of the heat and head home. At least these half days at the show are enabling me to watch the Tour live in the afternoons, although bringing the dogs back with me does disrupt L's attempts to chill in the garden somewhat.

(Sunday 14th July)

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