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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Return Of Shipstones Bitter

L, born again cyclist (maybe), is cruising the bike shops looking for some better cycling shorts. She asks what brand I would recommend she goes for? Expensive ones... That’s generally how it works out with cycling gear. I offer to treat her to a pair. I do like a lass in cycling shorts.

After work, as I figure it’s about time I started training for next week’s Cheshire Half Marathon, I go for a run. Eight very hot and draining miles later, somebody incredibly lets me on their bus to complete the rest of the journey home.

From born again cyclist to a born again beer (maybe). Shipstones Bitter is apparently on its way back. Although to be honest some things are perhaps left in the past. It was never the greatest and anyway I thought the Belvoir Brewery, who are involved in this revival, have been brewing it for years under the name Belvoir Star or was that just a marketing (?) ploy.

To his credit, the guy who is taking this on is vowing to brew a version from the brewery's glory days rather than the dark days of 1980's which is how I remember it. Good luck to him. It's only in bottles at the moment but I look forward to trying it on cask when that arrives.

(Tuesday 9th July)

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