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Friday, 5 July 2013

Small, Medium and Large

Perfect bike weather this morning, no wind for once. I bet L is well jealous.

She has actually been looking at Sportives and cycling kit. She shows me a ‘Womens Only’ event which rather amusingly has two routes which they have called Short and Medium rather than Short and Long. They seem to think this sort of psychology appeals to women, perhaps it does to some but L seems to find it a bit quite condescending.

Funny thing is, if you’re trying to buy your woman a glass of wine in a bar you’re often faced with two options there as well - medium and large. Clearly somebody is of the opinion that women like to think their bike rides are shorter than they actually are and that their glasses of wine are bigger than they actually are.

L suggests that we stick to our usual Friday routine tonight unless I have the urge to do the Colin Potter 10k in Derby. I have stronger urges that Colin Potter and anyway I’m saving my legs in case I have to swim away from any sharks or supermarket trolleys on Saturday.

(Friday 5th July)

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