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Monday, 29 July 2013

Shock Horror

After four days with no notable physical activity I’m knackered. Perhaps the country should get fit by taking up dog shows, as this is all I’ve done since Wednesday.

While I’ve been away Derby have sold a player. John Brayford to Cardiff for £1.5million, which is more than the total of what we’re spent so far on new players. So the talk of them investing in the squad this year seems to have been just that. Talk. Although I suppose there’s time to rectify this yet.

Also while I’ve been away Nottingham city council haveissued a proposal to build some squash courts. Three of them. Shock horror. It’s just a shame it's at the hardest to get to leisure centre in Nottingham. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

L’s night out is off. Whereas my night out, having been off is now on. I was going to go swimming but now I’ve been summoned to dog train. I’m not sure if they’ve looked at the weather forecast, which isn’t good. It seems to know that L is planning a bike ride.

It doesn’t look promising when we arrive for dog training and it starts raining. Leaving Doggo forever looking skywards in case thunder and lightning develops. It doesn’t though and we get a decent session. Although MD, after his weekend, is crawling at the end of it. As am I.

(Monday 29th July)

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