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Saturday 27 July 2013

Maths Lesson

Second day.

Four more stalls arrive this morning and I have trouble fitting them all in because all the existing ones have spread themselves out to an excessive amount. A least the ice cream man seems happy today, as he sits counting his money. I tell him that there have been complaints that he hasn’t been giving our club members the agreed 50% discount.

I look around his van and can see now evidence of any prices on display at all. He explains that this is because he charges more at shows that his street price but he assures me that he’s been honouring the half price offer, charging £1 for a £1.50 cone. Err ok... I guess maths isn’t his strong point. I give him a quick lesson.

Today first aid duty brings a trapped finger and no ice packs to treat it.

The show itself is going well though. Everyone seems to like the new trophies and rosettes. Today even I get a rosette as MD comes 10th. That was after two rather frustrating runs but at least we got the third one sort of right. Doggo is clear too, of course.

Then at around 7.30 in the evening the heavens open and rain arrives. Well it’s more of a monsoon actually and it last for a full eight hours.

We head off site in the car and drive to Burton. Where after a few failed attempts to find a pub serving food we opt for the liquid option whilst we formulate another plan. The curry house we can see from the pub looks the best bet.

It is and the food is very nice too. Good call.

We head back via a look at the 24 hour Thunder Run, which is taking place across the road from our show. I’ve always wanted to do this but I’m not jealous tonight as the runners valiantly soldier on in the torrential rain.

It’s nice, dry and cosy in our tent though. In fact it’s all very seductive with the elements doing their worst outside.

(Saturday 27th July)

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