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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Into The Red Zone

L’s on the bike today and its a lovely day for it. Although she doesn’t seem to agree that such a day exists as regards cycling. I’m on the bus, I will attempt a rather hot run later. In fact we will both run tonight, L at Sweatshop while I plod the streets.

I had a long wait for the bus. CityLink have dropped their frequency to every 20 minutes from every 10 and with the Red Arrow missing in action again, I stood ages waiting.

I’ve struggled with CityLink’s marketing strategy from the off. Usually you would start with an occasional service and build up its frequency; they’ve done things the other way around and are now reining it back. It’s also odd that they curtail their service a mere week before the closure of Nottingham station will provide them with some extra customers. I’ve been recommending them to several such people who will now probably not be very happy with me.

I run to my latest favourite author, David Downing. I’m now on the third book in his ‘Station’ series set in pre-war Berlin. Well actually now, in book three ‘Stettin Station’, war has started. 

Sadly when I’ve finished this one, I’m at a bit of a stop because books 4 and 5 aren’t available as audiobooks with Audible yet, although book 6 is. Horror of horrors if I have to read a paper copy.

I manage to run nine miles, for the last eight of which I’m chanting ‘water water water’. Perhaps I should take some with me next time. As I reach my target distance the needle on my temperature gauge is well into the red zone and there appears to be a warning light flashing on my dashboard. It is relief to crawl onto the bus.

(Wednesday 17th July)

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