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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Needs Must

L proposes another sportive, the Staffordshire Goes Pedalling Sportive. I admire her keenness or as she calls it ‘needs must’. Consider it booked. 35 miles for her, 70 for me.

I can’t get a court for tennis tonight; there is nothing available on the online system. Although this does stop at 8pm because it’s dark, which of course it isn’t but I’ll gloss over that.

I revert to the old school method of ringing them up, which takes ages going through the various recorded messages and touch tone menus. Apparently there’s a wheelchair tennis tournament on, so there are no outdoor courts available. They did offer me an hour in the big dome thing, 8 till 9 for £19 but I declined. I almost enquired as to where we could hire wheelchairs from. Then again, it’s difficult enough keeping the ball in court as it is, let alone doing it from a wheelchair.

(Thursday 18th July)

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