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Thursday, 4 July 2013

A Supporting Job Done Good

Hay fever seems to be rampant this year. I’m struggling but L is worse. She never used to suffer but seems to have caught it from me! I’m not too sure about her strategy for sore eyes, lying down with cucumber on them, and neither are the dogs.

Another trip to work on the bike and then off to the finale, round four, of the Nottingham Grand Prix at Colwick Park. I’ve not been jealous of L doing these races at all. Nothing in this series has tempted me back, least of all a rather convoluted new route for tonight’s 5 miler.

Afterwards we pick up L’s series t-shirt from the racecourse and then head to the Stratford Haven pub for a few celebratory beers of a supporting job done good. The boys have pork scratchings. Of course L has done good with her running as well.

(Thursday 4th July)

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