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Saturday, 13 July 2013

What Is The World Coming To?

L heads off to Parkrun at Rushcliffe but gets diverted by the tram works, which are everywhere at the moment. This means she misses the run but, looking on the bright side, gets an extended bike ride.

I’m at yet another dog show at Catton Hall. I’m there both days this weekend. It doesn’t start well; Doggo misses a jump and gets five faults. What is the world coming to? I don’t know what he was playing at; it was right in front of him.

MD on the other hand is very good at missing out what is right in front of him and he’s so bloody frustrating today that I come to the conclusion that there must be better ways of spending a weekend. Actually probably hundreds of better ways of spending a weekend. He totally lacks confidence and this isn’t just in agility but with everything really. 

I task him with doing pretty much three runs back to back late morning. I don’t know if this is a good strategy to beat the heat or not. Putting him back in the car between runs two and three doesn’t seem to cool him much but it does produce our best run of the day. Today two largely rubbish jumping runs are followed by a fairly decent agility one albeit with a pole down. It is however, far too hot for all of us, so I shouldn’t be too hard on him.

My Mum and Dad turn up to watch and are surprised to find us completely done and rosette-less by lunch time. We head home, in search of some shade.

In the evening, L and I head over to Derby Beer Festival which this year is held mostly in a marquee on the market square due to the closure of the main hall at the Assembly Rooms. It’s pretty grotty in the marquee though and most of the best beer seems to be inside in the foyer or the Darwin Suite, along with much cooler temperatures, so we loiter there.

‘Unknown’ Porter 5.5%
Fullers London Porter 5.4%
Fullers London Porter 5.4%
Titanic Nautical Mild 4.8%
Bartrams Conrade Bill 6.9% (Stout)
Elvedon Ported Porter 4.4%
Muirhouse Stumblin About 5.2% (Ruby)

Leatherbritches Game Over 5.0% (Mild)
Muirhouse Stumblin About 5.2% (Ruby)
Muirhouse Hat Trick IPA 5.2%
Titanic Nine Tenths Below 5.9% (IPA)
Navigation Abus 5.5% (IPA)
Everards Old Original 5.0%

(Saturday 13th July)

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