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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Bull By The Horns

While I’m in the car, L is on the bike (yes really). She’s planning on doing a run with Sweatshop tonight and then cycling home.

Oops. I forget to send her a worried email asking if she’s arrived safe and well at work, like she does for me on every trip. Perhaps it’s because I have every faith in her ability, particularly in her ability to avoid traffic at all costs.

Which brings her to her next problem, getting across town from work to the Sweatshop run. I advise her to grab the bull by the horns and the one way system by the balls but she doesn’t seem convinced.

She says he just cannot cycle across town. It would be a bit like asking me to swim up the canal.... Or, I add, asking me to me swim up Holme Pierrepont rowing strip. Which I’m doing on Saturday by the way.

I think on this occasion, walking is the answer.’ Fail, as they say in teenagerland.

Talking of swimming, this is why I’m in the car today. So that I can get a practice swim in and still get to dog class in reasonable time.

There are only three lanes open again and regrettably a chap has mistaken the middle lane for the hard shoulder. The only other swimmer in our lane and I overtake him every length, at the same time trying not to crash into each other. It’s sort of fun actually and rather good of him to recreate the manic environment that is likely to ensue during my swim on Saturday. Either that or he’s imitating a shopping trolley, L tells me there are plenty of them in Holme Pierrepont rowing strip. I’m not sure if she’s joking or not.

(Wednesday 3rd July)

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