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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

We’re Full

Bizarrely two days before the start of our dog show I am being inundated with requests from trade stands. Why leave it so late! You’ve only had a year and we’re full. Do you hear full!

Sadly I’ve had to turn down a 1940's vintage tea room which sounded great. Homemade cream teas and cakes served on vintage china. Actually it doesn’t sound very dog friendly and the competition would upset the Doughnut van. Dog people need their doughnuts.

Tonight L has entered us both in the Notts 5 race on the Embankment. Only now she’s pulled out due to injury and will be supporting instead. I feel a bit set up but she says it will do me good. I’m not so sure it will.

I think she ought to sit in the boot with the dogs so that she can’t see what’s going on otherwise her bottom lip will be quivering in a right old sulk.

Things don't start well even before the start, when I put my foot down a hole warming up and sprain my ankle. I have to sit down until the world stops spinning. Thankfully the start has been delayed by ten minutes due to traffic on the course which gives me some recovery time.

The run, as expected, was bloody hard work; they always are these shorter ones. The shorter they are the longer they seem to take. Not that the ankle helps. My legs tell me I was out there longer than on last week’s half marathon but my watch says otherwise. 36:35 Once upon a time I could do these in 32...

L helps me revive myself in the Navigation pub. 

(Wednesday 24th July)

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